ISSN online: 2221-1616

Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii)

Mikhail K. Gorshkov

Editor in Chief

Academician,Academic coordinator of FCTAS RAS (Moscow, Russia)

Academician (Full Member) of the Russian Academy of Sciences (2011). One of the most prominent modern Russian sociologists, renowned for his investigations in social philosophy, methodology and methods of sociological research, sociology of everyday life, sociology of modern Russian society. He made the first significant contributions to sociology of mass consciousness. He is the author of a dynamic concept of the formation and functioning of public opinion. Developed the theory and methods of mass consciousness research, the structure of Russian identity, and social types of citizens in post-Soviet Russia. M. Gorshkov is the author of more than 300 works published in Russian, English, German, Chinese, Mongolian and other languages. He also serves as editor in chief of peer-reviewed academic journal “Sociology and Social Practices”.

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