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Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii)

For Authors

Dear authors!

The journal publishes research articles, review articles, conference proceedings in theoretical and applied sociology in both Russian and English.

No publication fee is charged. Fees are not paid.

All manuscripts submitted to the journal should be original work that has not been published before or submitted for publication elsewhere without plagiarism and unethical research. See also Authorship Policy and Obligations of the Authors (Publication Ethics)

The journal uses double-blind review, which means that both the reviewer and author identities are concealed from the reviewers, and vice versa, throughout the review process. See also Peer Review Policy

Specifying the publication source of financing

If an article was prepared as part of research funded by particular organizations, the authors shall provide the relevant reference and indicate the source of financing.

Formal requirements to the manuscript

The length of any article shall be a minimum 0.5 and maximum 1.5 of an author’s sheet (20,000–60,000 characters with spaces).

Content of the manuscript file in the right order – all except for the text of the article in Russian and English:

  1. Author’s last name, first name, patronymic (if any), position, title, academic degree, place of work, e-mail, telephone number.
  2. The title of the article.
  3. Abstract (250–300 words).
  4. Key words.
  5. The text of the article.
  6. Article bibliography list.

The source data for graphs, diagrams and tables are sent separately (in MS Excel files). After the article is approved for publication, the author sends his/her photo (in color, full face, at least 800 pixels on one side, separate jpg or tiff file).

Manuscript Design

  1.  Font: Times New Roman, point size: 14. Line spacing: 1.5 lines Margins: left – 2.5 cm, right, top, bottom – 2 cm.
  2. The "ё" letter of the Russian alphabet is used.
  3. Abbreviation for "year" ("years") and "century" ("centuries") in Russian: "1950 г.", "1990-е гг". (not "90-е"!), "XIX−XX вв.".
  4. To indicate a range between years, centuries, pages or percent values, an En dash is used ("1980–1985 гг.", "XIX–XX вв.", "с. 155–162", "60–70-е гг.", "20–30%").
  5. In case of numerical percent values, "%" sign is used without a space (4%).
  6. "млн" (mn) and "млрд" (bn) abbreviations are not followed by a full stop.
  7. Between a last name and initials and between initials, a non-breaking space (ctrl + shift + space) is used: "В. В. Путин" (V. V. Putin), Д. Медведев (D. Medvedev).

Endnotes are numbered separately on each page.
Endnotes are ONLY used for behind-the-text clarifications; references to the source are presented in the text in square brackets.

Bibliography list

  1. A reference to a work from the bibliography list shall follow the relevant quote or mention in the text, and shall contain the author's last name, work publishing year and page: with the page number: "[Петров 2001: 5]" (Petrov 2001: 5), without the page number: "[Петров 2001]" ([Petrov 2001]). In case of two authors, their last names are divided by a comma.
  2. For multi-author monographs, collections of works and other multi-author editions, the beginning of the title (one or two words) is referenced instead of the last name: "[Прикладная социология. 2001: 8]" ([Applied Social Science. 2001: 8]).
  3. In case of availability of multiple editions of the same author in the bibliography list, Roman letters in the alphabetical order follow the year of publication: "[Петров 2001 a: 7]" ([Petrov 2001 a: 7]), "[Петров 2001 b: 112]" ([Petrov 2001 b: 112]).
  4. The titles in the bibliography list are presented in alphabetical order, first in Russia, then in English, then in other languages.
  5. The year of publication in the bibliography list immediately follows the author's last name or the title (in case of more than two authors).
  6. The edition type is separated by a colon, the editor and other authors – by a slash, the edition containing the article – by double slash; in case of availability of the publishing house, a colon is used; further text is divided by commas. Quotation marks are not used with the publishing house name.
  7. For any sources having a DOI, the DOI shall be specified at the end of the bibliography entry.


1) Петров В. И. 2001 a. Банки и банковские операции в России / Под ред. М. Х. Лапидуса. М.: Финансы и статистика. 342 с. [Petrov V. I. 2001 a. Banks and Banking Transactions in Russia / Edited by Kh. Lapidus. M.: Finance and Statistics. 342 p.]

2) Петров В. И. 2001b. Кризис 1998 года и его последствия для мировой финансовой системы. М.: Финансы и статистика [Petrov V. I. 2001b. Crisis of 1998 and its Consequences for the Financial System Worldwide. M.: Finance and Statistics]

3) Осипов Г. В. 2000. Социальное мифотворчество и социальная практика. М.: Наука. 311 с. (Osipov G. V. 2000. Social Myth-making and Practice M.: Science. 311 p.).

4) Фатуллаев М. 2005. Муфтияты встают на казённое довольствие // Независимая газета. 31 января [Fatullayev M. 2005. Transfer of Islamic High Councils to the Government Allowance // Independent Newspaper. January 31].

5) Шорохова В. А., Хухлаев О. Е., Дагбаева С. Б. 2016. Взаимосвязь ценностей и религиозной идентичности у школьников буддистского вероисповедания // Культурно-историческая психология. Т. 12. № 1. С. 66−75. doi:10.17759/chp.2016120107 [Shorokhova V.A., Khukhlayev O. E., Dagbayeva S. B. 2016. Interconnection Between the Values and Religious Identity with Buddhist Scool Students // Cultural and Historical Psychology. V. 12. No. 1].

6) For works by multiple authors:

Социальные факторы консолидации российского общества: социологическое измерение. 2010 / Под ред. М. К. Горшкова. М.: ИС РАН [Social Factors of Consolidation of the Russian Society: Social Measurements. 2010 // Edited by M. K. Gorshkov. M.: ISRAS].

7) For electronic editions:
– Ядов В. А. 2009. Об итогах XVII международного социологического конгресса [электронное издание] // Официальный сайт ИС РАН. URL: [Дата посещения: 5.01.2013] (Yadov V. A. 2009. On the Results of the 17th International Sociological Congress [electronic edition] // ISRAS official website. URL: [Date of visit: January 5, 2013]).
О деятельности современных дружин охраны природы 2012 // Веб-сайт «Движение дружин охраны природы». URL: [Дата посещения:  5.01.2013] (On the Activities of the Environment Protection Squads of Today 2012 // Environment Protection Squads website. URL: [Date of visit: January 5, 2013]).

Design of graphical materials and attachments

  1. On the right side above a table, the word "Таблица" (Table) and the table number is placed without a comma. The tables contained in the text are numbered using Arabic figures only; in attachments, Roman figures are also allowed. The table name should be placed above the table in the center, without a paragraph indent, in the same line with the table number.
  2. The word "Таблица" (Table) is used once above the first part of the table; above the other parts, the words "Продолжение таблицы" (Table Continued) or "Окончание таблицы" (End of the Table) are used, with indication of the table number. In case of a reference to a table in the text, "см. табл. 1" (see Table 1), "в таблице 2" (in Table 2)wordings, etc. are used.
  3. All table columns shall be named (including the first column). The "%" sign should not follow each percent value, one-time use is enough. For decimal separation, a comma should be used instead of a full stop.
  4. Graphs and diagrams: in color ONLY. All graphs and diagrams shall follow a single style. Pictures are numbered using Arabic figures; end-to-end numbering is applied. A caption to a picture shall be located below, in the middle of the line. The word "Рисунок" (Picture) shall not be abbreviated.
  5. A picture name shall be located in the same line with the number. In case of reference to a picture in the text, the following abbreviation is used: "см. рис. 2" (see picture 2), except for the use in the beginning of the sentence: "На рисунке 5 показано..." (Picture 5 demonstrates...).
  6. Diagrams and graphs shall be accompanied by a source data table (in a separate file).
  7. Any audio or video content use shall be approved by the Journal Publishing Center.

Requirements to references arrangement

1.    References are duplication of the bibliography list that are arranged in accordance with the below rules.

2.    All Cyrillic titles shall be transliterated using Roman letters (the online app is recommended).

3.    Titles of monographes and articles in journals and collections in any language other than English shall be transliterated and translated into English. The translation in square brackets shall immediately follow the transliterated title in Russian.

4.    A slash (/) may not be used in bibliographical descriptions. All parts of bibliographical description, including the authors' last names, and titles of works and journals, shall be separated by a full stop. The names of publishing houses, the year of publishing, the journal issue number and the page number in periodicals are separated by a comma. In case of description of an article published in a periodical, "no." is used instead of "№".


Boltanski L., Teveno L. Kritika i obosnovanie spravedlivosti. Ocherki sotziologii gradov. [Criticism and justification of justice. Essays in Sociology grads] Moscow, NLO publ. 2013. 576 p.

Brown K. Plutopia: Nuclear Families, Atomic Cities, and the Great Soviet and American Plutonium Disasters. Oxford, Oxford University Press, 2013. 377 p.

Durkheim E. O razdelenii obschestvennogo truda [On social division of labor]. Moscow, Kanon, 1996. 576 p.

Pivovarov Y. G. 2014. Primorskoe CKB. Vospominaniya inzhenera [Engineering bureau Primorskoe. Engineer`s memories]. URL: [date of visit 15.06.2016].

Schmid S. D. Organizational Culture and Professional Identities in the Soviet Nuclear Power Industry. Osiris, 2008, vol. 23, no 1: Intelligentsia Science: The Russian Century, 1860‑1960, pp. 82‑111.

Sotzialno-psihologichesky portret inzhenera. Po materialam obsledovaniya inzhenerov leningradskikh proektno-konstruktorskih organizatsiy [Social-psychological portrait of engineers. On materials of the observation of applied construction organizations of Leningrad]. Ed. by V. A. Yadov. Moscow, Mysl, 1977. 131 p.

Manuscript submission 

For manuscript submission, use a special website-based form. Following the text check for compliance with formal and subject matter-related requirements, the editor will send a letter confirming the manuscript acceptance for evaluation, or explain the reason for refusal to evaluate the manuscript.

Privacy Statement

Specified when providing the names and addresses will be used solely for technical purposes of a contact with the Author or reviewers (editors) when preparing the article for publication. Private data will not be shared with other individuals and organizations.