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Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii)

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 Realization of Cluster Politics in the Russian Federation Regions (Workshop on the Research Results)
Tikhonov A. V., Merzlykov A. A., Bogdanov V. S.
No 14, 2015

 Reduction of Post-politics
Товбин К. М.
No 9, 2014

 Regional branding in strengthening Russian national identity: empirical challenge and expert response
Kireeva I. V., Kukva E. S., Shadzhe A. Y.
No 48, 2024

 Regional labour market of the Republic of Tyva: trends and challenges
Gorina T. I.
No 43, 2022

 Regional University as a Social Institution (on the example of the Ingush State University)
Sampiev I. M.
No 38, 2021

 Religion in the global space: approaches, definitions and issues in Western sociology
Rutkevich E. D.
No 20, 2017

 Reproduction of inequality in Russian education: state and prospects of research
Matveev V. V., Bolshakov A. Y.
No 48, 2024

 Request for Change: An Attempt at a Political-Psychological Interpretation
Shestopal E. B.
No 41-2, 2022

 Research of mutual perception of the Republic of Korea and Russia in the period 2016-2021
Choi W. .
No 45, 2023

 Research on the factors of consumer satisfaction with the development of digital communications: expectations and reality
Artyushina E. V., Koren`kova M. M.
No 36, 2021

 Research or investigation: perspectives of the sociology of higher education in the conditions of bureaucratisation and commercialisation
Babintsev V. P., Gaidukova G. N., Nadutkina I. E., Shapoval Z. A.
No 45, 2023

 Researcher, organiser, leader
Naydenko V. N.
No 41-2, 2022

 Resettlement and Employment of Discharged Military Personnel
Smirnov A. I.
No 15, 2015

 Resource approach in studying territorial communities
Дроздова Ю. А.
No 28, 2019

 Review of a monograph titled “Thank great grandfather for the victory... Material from stage 4 of a monitoring survey titled “Students of modern Russia on the Great Patriotic War”
Seniutkina O. N.
No 35, 2020

 Review of methodological approaches to the analysis of the transformation of the agricultural labor market in modern Russia
Mukhanova M. N.
No 36, 2021

 Review of the monograph "Sociocultural Studies of Post-Soviet Transition in Russia"
Kanarsh G. Y.
No 46, 2023

 Review of the monograph: The senses of rural life (The experience of sociological analysis). Ed. by J.T. Toschenko. Moscow, 2016
Харитонов Е. М., Хунагов Р. Д.
No 22, 2017

 Revival and institutionalization of Cossacks in the south of Russia: stages, peculiarities and current state of affairs
Vodenko K. V.
No 46, 2023

 Role models of educators in the context of systemic bureaupathologies
Kukushkina A. G., Osipova A. A.
No 45, 2023

 Round Table: “Reflections on Scientific School”
Ядов В. А.
No 9, 2014

 Russian Europeanism as a Matter of Historical and Philosophical Revelations .
Межуев Б. В.
No 9, 2014

 Russian Identity in Regional Diversity: The Role of Trust
Ryzhova S. V.
No 42, 2022

 Russian modernist writers and their influence at religious outlook of the society (at the eve of XIX-XX centuries)
Рафалюк О. Е.
No 5, 2012

 Russian society in the 2020s: an attempt at ideological self-determination
Barash R. E.
No 41-2, 2022

 Russian society under global political confrontation: trends and concepts
Aksenova O. V.
No 47, 2023

 Russian society’s structuration during the first half of the 20th century (based on material from Russian sociological studies of the time)
Belyaeva L. A.
No 35, 2020

 Russian sociologists on the foundations of solidarity: subjectivity, predictability and common feelings
Sirazetdinova M. F.
No 48, 2024

 Russian Think Tanks Functioning and Information Society
Ivchenkova M. S.
No 30, 2019

 Russians’ Cultural Specificity (An Ethnometrical Analysis Based on Geert Hofstede’s Concept)
Latova N. V.
No 19, 2016

 Russia’s electoral landscape: yesterday, today, tomorrow
Гешева Е. Г.
No 29, 2019