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Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii)

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 Objective and subjective characteristics of the success of post-Soviet youth
Vozmitel A. A.
No 39, 2021

 On some trends in the ethno-religious structure of the Russian population
Gavrilov Y. A., Shevchenko A. G.
No 4, 2012

 On the application of the "DAY AFTER RECALL" methodology in measuring broadcasting ratings: the experience of the Republic of Belarus
Postalovsky A. V.
No 43, 2022

 On the Consolidation of Society in the Context of Geopolitical Tensions (Based on Research in the Vologda Region)
Kosygina K. E.
No 47, 2023

 On the demand for professions in the regional labour market: the example of the Republic of Tyva
Orekhova I. M.
No 43, 2022

 On the Effectiveness of Continuous Education in High-Tech Industrial Enterprises
Kliucharev G. A., Шереги Ф. Э., Chursina A. V.
No 19, 2016

 On the history of researching electoral sociology
Земскова А. Ю.
No 30, 2019

 On The Influence Of Patient`s Status To Healer`s Behavior
Chirikova A. E.
No 6, 2013

 On the issue of perception of political content in social networks: experience in the application of neurophysiological methodologies
Eremenko Y. A., Zhavoronkova Z. A.
No 36, 2021

 On the study of factors of fake news perception by mass audience (case study of student youth)
Puzanova Z. V., Filippov V. M., Larina T. I., Simonova M. A.
No 47, 2023

 On the study of sociological and managerial aspects of the regulation of social inequalities in the regions of Russia
Merzlykov A. A., Bogdanov V. S.
No 43, 2022

 On the theoretical-methodological aspects of studying the influence of professional education on social stratification
Popova E. S.
No 34, 2020

 On XXI Ural sociological readings “regional social space and time: stable development issues”
Oreshkina T. A.
No 25, 2018

 Once Again about the Feasibility of Universal Basic Income
Zolotov A. V.
No 47, 2023

 Online Privacy and Digital Submissiveness: A Study of the Internet Audience
Nazarov M. M.
No 42, 2022