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Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii)

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 Eastern vector of mass migrations in Russia in domestic studies of the 19th - first half of the 20th centuries
Belyaeva L. A.
No 44, 2023

 Ecological competences in the structure of educational programs in high-schools
Oreshkina T. A.
No 23, 2017

 Ecological studies and education in the name of stable development in Russian schools: present and future
Ivanova L. Y.
No 23, 2017

 Ecological way of life of Russian and American students: features of manifestation and problems of formation
Ermolayeva P. O.
No 3, 2011

 Economic Prosperity as Evaluated by Inhabitants of the Far Eastern Region of Russia (Based on Materials from the Primorsky Kray Region)
Kostina E. Y., Orlova N. A.
No 16, 2016

 Education as a Resource for Socio-Economic Development of Russia: Perceptions of Social Network Users
Zhuravlev A. L., Kitova D. A.
No 47, 2023

 Education in Border Areas
Levchenko N. V.
No 11, 2014

 Educational inequality in Russian schools: the influence of territorial factor
Филипова А. Г., Высоцкая А. В.
No 31, 2019

 Educational trends among contemporary Russian youths
Puzanova Z. V., Gasparishvili A. T., Larina T. I.
No 22, 2017

 Efficiency of management of higher education in russia in the practices of application of managerial tools
Dyatlov A. V., Kovalev V. V.
No 45, 2023

 Employment in post-crisis Russia: the role of settlement inequalities
Anikin V. A.
No 27, 2018

 Employment of a young medical specialist: levels of manifestation of the problem
Prisyazhnaya N. V., Vyatkina N. Y.
No 44, 2023

 Enterprise Communities
Klimova S. G., Klimov I. A., Щербакова И. В.
No 13, 2015

 Environmental movement in the Soviet Union: self-organization of professional environmentalists
Khaliy I. A.
No 5, 2012

 Ethnically marked social protests in Dagestan
Adiev A. Z.
No 26, 2018

 Ethno-social portrait of young people in Tuva
Balakina G. F., Anayban Z. V.
No 48, 2024

 European and national identity in the perceptions of modern Russian youth: the case of St. Petersburg
Viktorova E. V., Petrenko D. A., Vlasova N. V., Shishkina E. V.
No 40, 2022

 Everyday household activities: essential and indispensible unpaid labor performed by urban workers
Karakhanova T. M., Bolshakova O. A.
No 25, 2018

 Evolution of scientific research on fatherhood
Shevchenko I. O.
No 46, 2023

 Experience in Modernizing Educational Technologies Based on the Innovative Practices of Scientific Research Activities
Tikhonov A. V., Merzlykov A. A., Bogdanov V. S.
No 16, 2016

 Experience of Sociological and Culturological Research of Problems of Administrative Vertical Reforming
Tikhonov A. V.
No 10, 2014