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Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii)

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 Categories “symmetry” And “asymmetry” In Sociological And Politological Research
Кошлаков Д. М.
No 6, 2013

 Center and periphery: dialogue or unused opportunities? Notes of the participant of a seminar
Biyzhanova E. K.
No 29, 2019

 Changes in Teamwork: Between Demand and Breakup
Щербакова И. В.
No 13, 2015

 China’s “soft power” and its projection onto the territory of post-Soviet Eurasia
Андреев И. А.
No 29, 2019

 Civic identity and acculturation expectations of Muscovites and Tallinn residents: the role of perceived threat
Rodionov G. Y.
No 37, 2021

 Civil activity of generations in modern Russian society
Parma R. V.
No 41, 2022

 Civil and political in Russian public practices: the prospect of institutional differentiation
Pavlova T. V., Patrushev S. V., Filippova L. Y.
No 4, 2012

 Civil society and civic consciousness (value and motivational aspect)
Nikovskaya L. I.
No 12, 2015

 Civil society and power: cooperation or confrontation?
Petukhov V. V.
No 5, 2012

 Civil society and public authorities in the Republic of Buriatia: the development of interactions
Будникова Н. С.
No 24, 2018

 Civilizational features of the development of Russia in the context of modern social transformations
Pantin V. I.
No 39, 2021

 Civilizational heterogeneity of Russia. Property in the field of civilizational development
Belyaeva L. A.
No 38, 2021

 Classification of network social movements in the cities of Southwestern Siberia regions
Shashkova Y. Y., Kachusov D. A.
No 41, 2022

 College students’ motivational attitudes in the educational field
Жукоцкая А. В., Васильев И. А.
No 25, 2018

 Competition as a value of working youth in the Tyumen region
Немировский В. Г., Мальцева А. В.
No 31, 2019

 Concepts of Soviet religious studies in contemporary Russian sociology of religion
Смирнов М. Ю.
No 4, 2012

 Conference "Humanitarian and socio-political problems of modernization of the Caucasus"in Ingushetia
Levchenko N. V.
No 26, 2018

 Conflict as an Object and as an Instrument for Social Work
Рыбакова Л. Н.
No 16, 2016

 Conflict potential of modern social and labor relations
Pakhomova E. I.
No 41-2, 2022

 Confronting pandemics: human and non-human agents in the discourse of the Moscow authorities on COVID-19
Bagina Y. A., Zaporozhets O. N., Govorova A. D.
No 43, 2022

 Consent in society as an important condition for the development of Russia on the road to modernization
Moskvin L. B.
No 4, 2012

 Conspiracy trend in everyday practices of social reflection. Theoretical generalisations
Sergeev V. N.
No 41, 2022

 Conventional forms of protest behavior in the Karachay-Cherkess Republic as a display of civil activity
Кубанова Л. В., Щербина Е. А.
No 26, 2018

 Corporate education in Russian companies: sociological analysis
Симакова А. А.
No 4, 2012

 Cossackhood in Contemporary Russia: Attaining Social Status
Denisova G. S., Kovalev V. V.
No 46, 2023

 Crimean Events and the Development of Society’s Historical Memory
Чигрин_ В. А., Харабуга В. В.
No 15, 2015

 Cultural capital and public relations
Мантерыс А. .
No 30, 2019

 Cultural development as a component of continuing adult education
Родионов В. В.
No 4, 2012

 Cultural milieu of the border lands: structure and actors
Aksenova O. V.
No 11, 2014

 Culture as a factor in the formation of vital values among Russian students and students from Ouzbekiston
Латыпов И. А.
No 24, 2018

 Culture in the lives of young people: necessity, interest, value
Zubok Y. A., Chuprov V. I.
No 27, 2018

 Current and expected parameters of building digital competencies among the working population
Karapetyan R. V., Sizova I. L., Бакаев М. А.
No 32, 2020