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Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii)

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Aslanbek Z. Adiev Candidate of Political Science
Regional Centre of Ethnopolitical Research of DFRC RAS, Makhachkala, Russia
ORCID ID=0000-0003-4459-7462
Patriotic discourse in the publications of humanities scientists of the Republic of Dagestan.
Vestnik instituta sotziologii. 2023. Vol. 14. No. 3. P. 133-148

The article was carried out within the framework of the Program of Scientific Research Related to the Study of Ethnocultural Diversity of Russian Society and Aimed at Strengthening the All-Russian Identity 2023-2025 (headed by Academician of RAS V. A. Tishkov). Project "Patriotism as an integrating value of multi-ethnic Russian society" (FSRN-2023-0025).

Дата поступления статьи: 08.07.2023
Topic: Ethnic Identity in Russian Regions

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Adiev A. Z. Patriotic discourse in the publications of humanities scientists of the Republic of Dagestan. Vestnik instituta sotziologii. 2023. Vol. 14. No. 3. P. 133-148


The article presents the results of a review of publications in scientific periodicals on the topic of patriotism, written by authors from the Republic of Dagestan who are specialists in the fields of humanities and social sciences. It is noted that the scientific discourse on patriotism is primarily developed in the republic by social philosophers, educators and sociologists. Most authors of the examined publications understand patriotism as a unifying idea aimed at uniting Russians based on the constitutional principle of equality of all citizens, regardless of their regions of residence, ethnic and religious backgrounds. The issue of patriotism itself is closely linked by the authors to the formation and strengthening of the all-Russian identity. Accordingly, the main problem aspects of the patriotic discourse in Russia, as seen by Dagestani authors, include questions of inclusivity within the modern Russian nation, the ability of the concept of the Russian nation to encompass and embrace the diversity of regional, ethno-cultural, and religious identities of Russians. According to the philosophical authors, the development of patriotic discourse in the public sphere should contribute to the introduction of such fundamental values as humanism, citizenship, statism, social justice, ethnic and religious tolerance, a high standard of living, pride in the country, its history, achievements in various spheres of life, and high culture into the mass consciousness of Russian youth. In the works of Dagestani sociologists, within the framework of the patriotic theme, the subjects of research include patriotic attitudes in the mass consciousness of Dagestan's residents, the relationship between civil, regional, ethnic, and religious identities in the context of the influence of both unifying and divisive factors, including various versions of radical Islamism, regionalism, and ethnic nationalism. Recent thematic publications indicate an increased level of activity by government authorities and the public in Dagestan in the patriotic education of the republic's youth. However, alongside the promotion of patriotism, efforts should also be directed towards improving the quality of life for the country's population.


patriotism, patriotic education, Russia, Dagestan, Russian nation, identity, North Caucasus

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