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Bulletin of the Institute of Sociology (Vestnik instituta sotziologii)

Research Article

Aleksandr V. Postalovsky Candidate of Sociology, Associate professor,
Belarusian State University, Minsk, Republic of Belarus
ORCID ID=0000-0002-9595-3714
On the application of the "DAY AFTER RECALL" methodology in measuring broadcasting ratings: the experience of the Republic of Belarus.
Vestnik instituta sotziologii. 2022. Vol. 13. No. 4. P. 236-250

Дата поступления статьи: 17.12.2021
Topic: Modern Belarusian sociology

For citation:
Postalovsky A. V. On the application of the "DAY AFTER RECALL" methodology in measuring broadcasting ratings: the experience of the Republic of Belarus. Vestnik instituta sotziologii. 2022. Vol. 13. No. 4. P. 236-250


The presented article is devoted to the theoretical and methodological consideration of the research practice of implementing the methodology for measuring DAY AFTER RECALL (DAR) broadcasting, used by the national meter (СJSC MediaIzmeritel) in the Republic of Belarus. The paper reveals in detail the foundations of DAR methodological tools, describes the heuristic potential, capabilities and limitations of the described measurement method. The article also reveals the content of the main metrics (media indicators) that are used in media planning, describes the mechanism for forming a sample population used in such studies. An abstract analysis of the socio-demographic profile of the radio audience was carried out, rating indicators (share) of radio stations were identified. At the end of the article, based on the practice of implementing a radio measurement project, reasoned conclusions are formulated about the advantages and limitations of the DAR technique. It is concluded that there is no conditional universal and “ideal” way to measure broadcasting ratings, since each of the described methods has its own advantages and limitations. In these contexts, first of all, the material and organisational capabilities of a research company come to the fore when making the final choice of a method for measuring the broadcasting audience.


radio, media measurements, DAY AFTER RECALL, radio stations, audience



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